Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We started the day with a city tour of the Knut Hamsun sites. The National Library has a display of his work, draft editions, notes, 1st editions, etc. The city also installed two statues of "stock" female characters from his work. Below is one of the statues, we stopped and read from Hunger and I gave a short lecture on the role that women play in his work.

We also stopped at the National Contemporary Art Museum and here is a shot of Khara lecturing by a piece and Babs interpreting.

The Oslo harbor.

A royal yacht in the harbor.

One of my favorite spots, the Amundsen museum. Here is a shot of the exploration ship the Gjoa parked out front.

A statue of Roald Amundsen in front of the Gjoa.

Amundsen in front of the Fram.

The ring of shops around the Oslo Cathedral, these shops are very prominent in Hamsun's book Hunger.

A traditional Norwegian barn with a sod roof, dandelions and all.

A traditional Norwegian barn, animals underneath, work space on the first level, living quarters on top.

A beautiful Stave Church.

Norwegian cops on horseback.

Bacon in a tube, a hit with everyone.
Our train to Flam.

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