Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Norway Photos

Here are some last shots from Norway. They are all of me as it takes a friend to take your photo and Christy was at home. All these photos were taken by Khara Koffel so please don't download them w/o asking me first.

Here is a shot of me as we enter Oslo on the cruise ship. Here I am at the Fram museum talking to Laura. The black and white photo that is in focus is of Helmer Hanssen, a long lost relative on Mom's side. He was with Amundsen on the Fram and was on the polar assault team.

In this photo I am looking at the Baptismal font that Kierkegaard was baptized in. I am about to lecture on his theology of baptism.

Skipping stones in Balestrand,

On the train to Flam.

Waiting on the fast ferry in Flam.

"Above" Bergen with Mac Student James.

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Anonymous said...

Again, Thanks for the awesome photos of your travels, I always enjoy seeing them in any form. But your blog gives all the visual and narrative at the same time, so keep it up.