Monday, June 8, 2009


We took the famous Fast-Ferry from Balestrand to Bergen. It hydroplanes on two small rails and hits speeds of over 60mph. Here is a shot of the ferry throwing an impressive amount of spray as it hits speed.In the Fjord.
As soon as we hit Bergen I grabbed the map and compass and headed for a famous fly-fishing shop on market street.And here it is!

A nice shot of the Bergen harbor. Again, this is a working harbor and not just for show so there was a huge mix of pleasure craft and working boats.

On the city tour a neat statue of Ibsen.
Dried cod in the fish market.The fish market in Bergen. Yes, it stank.
One of the narrow streets in the old city.
We took a tram to the top of a mountain that overlooks Bergen, here is a shot of the city.Bergen's harbor in the evening.

Another shot of the harbor.

The entrance to King Haakon's castle.A statue of King Haakon VII as he overlooks Bergen's harbor. He was king during WWII.

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