Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flam to Balestrand

Lunch! We asked for traditional Norwegian food and we got it, tail and all. After lunch we went kayaking. Below is a shot of the area we started from on the Fjord.

Babs interpreting while in a kayak on the Fjord.

The view as we set out for a day on the Fjord. No hurry to get up at the crack of dawn as we had something like 20 hrs of sunlight a day.

Students on the fjord.

One of our guides.

Where we stopped for lunch and a hike to a waterfall.

The view from the hike.

At the waterfall.

Back in Flam. A bit of American Baseball culture, a Norwegian Yankees hat. No Twins or Cards but I think they used the Yankees to stand for Norway (NY).

Babs fighting with her suitcase for the trip to Balestrand. In this instance the suitcase won.

A Norwegian farm on the cliff of the Fjord.

Another classic Norwegian farm.

Balestrand, population 400. Campbell on the Fjord?

The view from Balestrand.

The view from my hotel, note the fact that I also had a great deck to sit on.

Stave church in Balestrand.

Detail shot of the Stave roof.

There were some great homes in Balestrand.

Another great house.

Detail shot of the roof.
Detail shot from the window frame.More homes along the Fjord.

Balestrand is also the resting place of several Vikings in burial mounds. They erected a statue to watch over the graves.Time to go to bed. This shot was taken about midnight.

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Awesome photos, everything looked beautiful and very interesting.