Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Citizen

Friday, we went to St. Louis for the opening of Khara's show at the Good Citizen Gallery.
The title of the show is later rather than sooner.
I took a few photos of some of her work and the explanations I give here come from her.
This is one of my favorite pieces below, it is titled The Silent Lure of Attention. She says that when she was a child her grandfather would lure the formerly shy Khara to him with M-n-Ms. This is a shot of the piece from the side with Khara standing by it. What you see here is M-n-Ms stuck to the wall.

Another shot of the piece straight on.

When you stand against the wall in just the right spot this is what you see. A reproduction of a photo of her grandfather sitting at his desk, all done in M-n-Ms.
This is a shot of Cori, Laura and Christy looking at In Case of the Eventual. Khara wrote notes to people she has something she wants to share with them and they are to be distributed after her death. Each note has been shredded and placed in a small plastic cube.

This one is titled Fleeting Efforts at Reassurance. She says, "...bottles of breath have been collected from the most influential people in my life in order to never allow them to take their last one."
This is a close up of my bottle, #56. Christy's bottle is #57.

Christy and Khara talking by the piece titled Attempting To Mend the Distance. Pieces of maps from places she has visited are woven into a map of the United States, the pieces trace the route from Jacksonville to her home in Pennsylvania.

Dr. John Cox checking out The Inescapable Inevitable.

The Good Citizen Gallery in St. Louis.

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