Monday, June 22, 2009

Masters Tournament

I was asked to enter the Masters Tournament at my Historical Fantasy Baseball web site.
Time to play with the big boys.

The first round is a custom league with a complex draft. Each manager drafts the following: one franchise outfield,infield, starting rotation, relief core and catcher and stadium. We used a snake draft with a random draft order. I pulled #1! Your team will be made up of the above, only players that spent the majority of their time with a franchise are eligible.

I selected the following:
Yankees Outfield
Twins Infield
Expos Relief Core and Catcher
White Sox Rotation
Coors Field.
Here we go:

Batting first and playing first base, Rod CarewHitting second and playing center field: Joe DiMaggio:

Hitting in the three hole and playing right field: Mickey Mantle:

Hitting clean up and playing left field: Babe Ruth:Protecting Ruth against lefties: Killer at DH.Protecting Ruth against righties: Maris at DH:

Hitting in the 6 hole and at 3B, Gary Gaetti:Hitting 7th and catching, Gary Carter:
In the 8th slot and playing SS, Greg Gagne:And, after watching a ton of Cardinals Baseball I have become an advocate of La Russa's "second lead-off hitter" at 9th in the order. Playing 2B chuck Knoblauch:

Talk about a murderers row!
Carew,Di Maggio, Mantle,Ruth, Killer/Maris.

I have excellent defense in the infield and great range in the outfield with an excellent arm in right.

I played it all or nothing by going with Coors field, the ball will really be flying out of the park.

My pitching will suffer.

Updates to follow.
Coors Field:

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