Monday, October 5, 2009

Pie, Chili and The Cardinals

On Saturday we went to Greenfield, Illinois for the annual Chili Festival that Benefits the Public Library. Below is a shot of our gracious host and good friend Kathy chatting with Nadine.

Christy working the used book sale. She found about 10 books. They should last about 2 weeks during this season (Baseball playoffs).

Each year they have a mystery chili cook. Spooky this year.
Getting ready to judge the 18 pies! Nadine and I looking over the competition as a late entry arrives.

The pie table as we judge for appearance. Next, they take the pies outside for the tasting!

Khara and her "hold the camera" shot. I have to admit she has a knack for this shot.

Christy getting down to the serious business of judging. Bring in the Lefty.

Three hardcore judges.

The winner, an upside down was awesome. Note the unlucky #13.

Outside judging the taste!

I am a big fan of comparing scores.

Don't you love it when you are with such good friends that make you laugh until you double over.

Dual credentials, pie and chili......nice. Note the Sunday only Cardinals lid.

More dual credentials.....yes there was another theme going with this photo but it is a family festival so we will let it go.

Chili judging. I was not swayed by an exotic this year, standard issue spicy red chili with big chunks of veggies won in my book.

The lefty working the chili table.

Calculating and making the final assessment.

Christy and Marc comparing scores.

We used the Garmin and found the most ridiculous Indian restaurant in St. Louis. It is on the 11th floor of a very old Howard Johnson's Hotel by the airport. It brags about having the best view of the runways and I believe them. At one time is was a super cool Tiki bar and when it changed to an Indian restaurant they just put up a few ethnically correct paintings and called it good. All the grass hut interior design remained complete with kayaks with outriggers floating from the ceiling. The food was great.

On Sunday I ran down to the Cardinals game to see the last regular season game of the year. They played the Brewers and lost in 10 innings.

Someday I hope to be able to say to all my blog readers "meet you at the Musial".The Cardinals played the Brewers for the last game of the regular season this year. Take a look at Prince Fielder playing 1st base. Now check out El Hombre......the intensity level tells the whole story. Each photo was taken as the pitcher threw the ball. Note the Sunday only Cardinals lid.

El Hombre at the plate.

The good news delivered during the game....the Twins won! Well done Minnesota, now deliver a beat down on the Tigers.

Future Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffmann closed out the game for the Brewers.

Check out the grip on the pitch....breaking ball.Stretch it out.....

Excellent shadows at Busch Stadium.

Check out the view that is available for almost every fan in the stadium

El Hombre breaks Buckner's record. La Roussa held the game up until Albert tipped his hat to the standing ovation......humility that you do not see in most modern athletes....and La Roussa is a real class act. And he did NOT do the colossally stupid move of pointing to the heavens, he just tipped his Sunday only hat.

Going to a Cardinals game is a real experience in baseball tradition. Look at that sea of red. I have been to many major league games and have never seen the fan base that the Cardinals have. Easily 90% of Cards fans wear the gear....very few at the game are "too cool for school." I did see a few Brewer fans in gear. They really have a lame logo.

Third deck $25 seat.

Right field view.

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