Monday, October 26, 2009

Mac Homecoming 2009

Last weekend was MacMurray's Homecoming. Here is a great shot of a AC tractor in front of our chapel. JD power moving down the street.
Aboard our faculty float our own Colonel Cox.

Dr. Hoff attacking friends with a bag of candy.

Last minute decorating before we go in front of the judges.

Gilly in the back of the truck.

Marc getting ready to toss tootsie rolls.

A cool shot of two JDs and American flags.

Our truck and driver RJ.

Khara getting the float ready. She deserves a great deal of thanks for organizing the whole faculty float deal.

Marc and Khara decorating.

Dr. Ruppel getting ready to board the float.

Professor Staake decorating.

And pumpkins at our house!

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