Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Cardinals

First, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the St. Louis Cardinals. Central division champs and hoist another banner in Busch.

However, The Cardinal Nation expects more. The 3 and out to the Dodgers was unexpected and we underachieved.

Matt Holiday is not to blame for the loss. I love that the fans at Busch gave him a standing ovation when he took the field. Many note that Cardinals fans know the most about the game and I believe that claim. Sportswriters however need to sell papers and like to be lazy. The article in the State Journal Register called attention to Holidays dropped ball in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd paragraph of the story.
The choke artist for the Cardinals in this series was Ryan Franklin. With no closer and an anemic offense we were in a bad spot against the Dodgers.
Franklin's line in the postseason;
2 appearances, 1.1 innings pitched, 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 loss, 1 blown save. A disaster.
We need help in the pen next year.
Speaking of next year, here come some suggestions.
Brendan Ryan, quit toying with baseball metaphysics (you are not above it) get rid of that #13 if you expect to start for the Cardinals in the infield. Nothing good can come from wearing that number, take a look at your last defensive play of 2009, a muffed grounder against the Dodgers. Respect the history of the game, it is larger than you.
Albert, knock this BS off. If Ryan has no respect for the metaphysics of baseball Albert has not respect for THE metaphysics. Don't give God the credit for the home run, he does not care. Please, send a confessional Lutheran pastor to Albert's home this winter and straighten this theological mess out with my favorite current player.

Get back to this. Crank a home run, toss your bat, stare the pitcher down, trot the bases, tip your helmet to the Cardinal Nation and keep the game on the physical plane.

2010, sign Ryan Zimmerman. A great third baseman for the worst team in the big show. He is a power hitter from the right side and has a good glove and strong arm.

Sign Jason Bay and quit trying to make Rick Ankiel into Paul Newman from The Natural, he is no Roy Hobbes. Get Jason Bay out in that large Center Field in Busch and watch him turn into an all star for you.

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Brad said...

Hey Bergie,

Been busy and have not checked out the blog lately. But lots of great stuff, Twins, Cards, Irish, Octoberfest. All my kind of stuff. Connor was checking things out and had to point out the "Albino" photo. Nice. We will meet you at the Musial some day, Hopefully next year. Say Hi to Christy.