Friday, October 9, 2009

Phone shots

I took the time to pull some photos off our cell phone and posted them .
Here is a shot of a fox we saw running through a residential neighborhood in St. Charles, Missouri when we were on our anniversary weekend. He was just trotting along, in no real hurry. Grendel and Isabelle in the front window at the end of summer.

A super old school restaurant that Christy found in Springfield. It is called the Old Luxembourg Inn. It has an interior right out of 1967 and is still in perfect shape, the food was great and service was excellent. We would love to have drinks there sometime.

Excellent shot from the local grocery store taken last week. All Cubs stuff on sale 33% off, all Cardinals stuff FULL price. Why you ask? The Cards are in the post season (as usual) and the Cubs are not (as usual).

Beautiful Busch ballpark in St. Louis on a perfect fall day. Good guys in the field against a sea of red. Cardinal Nation.

MLB playoff post to come this weekend.

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