Monday, October 19, 2009


This weekend was the annual Jack-o-lantern festival at the Rees Carillon in Springfield. This was the fourth year we have attended and it was great, again! Each year volunteers carve the same number of pumpkins as the year, 2009 this year. And then all the volunteer set them up and light them along a set path in the park. You pay a cover charge and walk through, with scary music, tours of the Carillon, movies shown on the side of the Carillon and hot chocolate. I am going to start with a shot of my favorite jack-o-lantern below.

The one below was one of Christy's favorite this year, the tiny pumpkin in the larger one.

And she likes the Jack-o-lanterns with eyelashes.

Fun fat-faced pumpkin.

Witch on the Carillon, scary.

Happy faced jack-o-lantern.

The Mark Largent Jack-O-Lantern!

Elvis Jack-o-Lantern.

By one of the fountains full of bubbles, note the St. Louis Cardinals Jack-O-Lantern.

A close-up of the Cardinal Nation Jack-o-Lantern.

Scary shot of a display.

Punk rock Jack-o-lantern.

This one was another favorite.

Scary shot of Cruddy with some Jack-o-Lanterns.

Fun one w/o flash.

We ran into our friend Marie and she took this shot for us.

Very well done!

Fun jack-o-lantern with crazy eyes.

Peace-eye pumpkin for Pam!

Another fun one w/o flash.

Scary monsters roaming around. This guy was great, on stilts and everything.


Another cyclops jack-o-lantern.The only thing that disappointed was that they forgot to carve a set of pumpkins that read "2009", so I took my annual shot with this solo pumpkin that had 2009 on it.

Christy and Maire having fun.

A few fall shots of Washington Park in the fall.

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Have not check in for a while, but tons of great pictures. Talk to you soon.