Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Few Others

Just a few other shots and news before Labor Day. Here is a shot of our home on the 4th anniversary of our ownership. On our walk the other night I saw this cool IH pick-up. Harry will love this one.

Interior shot, check out the gearshift handle.

Excellent truck, Christy was mildly impressed.

Typical street in our neighborhood in Springfield.

Masters Tournament final update. Readers of the blog will recall my first entry into the Masters tournament at my Classic Fantasy Baseball League. I made it to the Pennant game but lost to a team dominated by Cardinals. We went 84-78, it was a tight race all way the with only the top managers in the league fighting for the title.


Carew hit .307 and stole 24 bases.

DiMaggio hit .292 with 39 Home Runs

Ruth hit .291 with 60 Home Runs

Mantle hit .291 with 36 Home Runs

Carter went yard 17 times and gunned out 40 would-be base thieves.

Gaetti hit 14 long balls

Killer and Keller teamed up to hit a combined .290 with 40 yard balls.

My starting pitching was hot and cold.


Big Ed Walsh went 22-10 with a 3.80 ERA

Pierce went 18-8 with a 4.28 ERA

All this with Coors Field as the home ballpark.


Cicotte 10-19 with a 5.55 ERA

Russell 7-16 with a 5.44 ERA

Farber 7-12 with a 6.18 ERA

Tim Burke my closer 26 saves 13 blown saves and a 6.28 ERA

I could not turn the ball over to my pen and that really taxed my rotation's arms. Too many innings that got out of control because my pen sucked and my closer was a disaster.


DiMaggio hit .292 with 39 HRs, 129 RBIs, .536 slugging, drew 46 walks, 2.81 range factor in Center Field, .993 fielding average (league leader) and gunned down 15 from Center. Well done Joe.

Next round. Dual Franchise. Again, I pulled a high draft spot and I think I will end up with a Cards/Reds team. Looks good again.

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