Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day in Kansas City

We spent the weekend in Kansas City with Dirk and Cindy. Here is a shot of Cindy's pad in KC.The Full Monte!Cocktails after the long drive to KC.The excellent view from Cindy's condo.Warm greetings upon our arrival.The famous fountains of KC were colored bright green for the day. Here we are on our way in to the festival.

The fountains were VERY green.Cindy and Dirk having lunch, fish and chips and a meat pie I believe.
Christy and Dirk at the fountains.Christy getting some lunch.A few items that you may only see at an Irish fest.

#1 The "Irish Northern Aid" booth, send you money directly to the IRA. #2 a Yankees lid specific to the Irish players on the team. Man, I hate to say it but the Evil Empire looks good this year. A Yanks/Cards showdown?#3 shoes with toes?#4 an old photo of a Priest with a double barrel shotgun posing with young Irish baseball players.OK, you need an explanation about #4. They had a nice display of the Irish in Baseball and the above photo was from a team called the "Peacemakers" make the connection. Below is a shot of a guy in a kilt talking baseball at the 1/2 scale 1880's ball field.Two guys in Kansas City Cowboy baseball uniforms and Dirk. They were drunk, I think. Here I am with the K.C. Cowboys.The music was excellent, this group was called Cara (almost Khara).Christy loved this shot. The kid doesn't stand a chance.

A dancing machine.More Irish from Springfield, Illinois.A really great part of the KC Irish Fest was the Royals Alumni table. Here is a shot of Dirk talking to AL Fitzmorris and I am chatting up Jerry Terrell.This is super cool. Jerry Terrell let me try on his 1985 World Series ring! A once in a lifetime opportunity. What a great guy.Still talking baseball with Terrell. He was also a Twin so we had much to discuss.Fitzmorris telling us stories about Brett, Carew, Oliva and Bostock. We had unfettered access to these guys for over a half an hour and they love to talk baseball.Cruddy and Cindy playing house. Nobody won.
Irish oatmeal meets Norwegian steel!

Serving guests tea.

Cindy's new friend tried to come in through the window.

Cruddy mounted the children's' pirate ship for some fun. Cindy was watching closely and wanted to come aboard. Think that is a bad idea? Have a feeling this goes south in the end? Yes, to both.

Bonk! A head-shot from the yardarm of the ship. Christy thought it was hilarious.

Then they found an unattended plywood cut-out cow.
The moon over a Celtic Cross.

Sad but true.
One of the many Irish on the ground at the fest. Irish Yoga I guess.

Relaxing at the end of the Irish fest watching the people leave.

Cruddy relaxing.

I swung by our old pad in Prairie Village, still looks great.

On Saturday I visited the historic 18th and Vine district in KC.

And I toured the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for the second time. It is a excellent place to visit and less political than one might think and more about the game.

An out of sequence photo of Cindy and Christy at the fountains.

Game Time! Kauffman on a beautiful summer day.
Almost in the stadium. I had not been there since the big remodel. They did a spectacular job, it is a great ballpark.

Dirk flashing Royals gang signs at his favorite banner.

George Brett against a summer sky, as we all like to remember him.

Frank White flying above 2nd base.

Patriotic Royals.

Christy arrived in a Cardinals T-shirt. I give her credit, she is a tough Irish chick but eventually spotted a nice Royals T-shirt and changed before the first pitch. Cardinal Nation!

Cruddy with a margarita at Kauffman.

Obligatory "cathedral" ballpark shot.

Here I am at the "Pine Tar Pub", I love that they pay attention to tradition. Well done KC!

How you like them apples! Nice shot Christy.


Torii Hunter, the former Twin great in Center Field.

Cardinals fans behind us. Cardinal Nation!
A few action shots of the Roylas great Ace Greinke.
Big man on campus.

All killer no filler.Ace.


Dirk and Cindy at the game with her new "ring" news to report.

Moon rising over Kaufmann as the bullpen started to blow the game for Greinke.

Brett at night.

Leaving the ballpark after a clinic by Greinke and a loss by the Royals.

Thanks for the great weekend you two!

The famous fountains at the ballpark.

KC can't get enough Brett so here you go, a taste of KC.

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