Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Graduation, a Birthday, the Twins, and Minneapolis

Christy, Roxy and Mike relaxing on the couch

Friday night we all had a graduation celebration at an Asian restaurant in Frogtown. Mary graduated with her B.S. from the University of Phoenix. WELL DONE! Here is a shot of Christy, Beth, Mary and Chris at the party.

Saturday we had lunch at a super cool Cuban cafe.Beth took us to lunch, we were excited.

I looked up at the ceiling and caught sight of the home teams flag....nice.

Walking around Beth's neighborhood we spotted an albino squirrel. (insert Danielson joke here)

On Saturday we ran over to Max Salon and Mr. James cut Christy's hair.


Christy playing with Hula and Roxy.

Throwing the ball with the puppies.


On Saturday afternoon we went to a surprise birthday party for our friend Michelle. Here we are waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

Getting ready and visiting.

She arrived with her husband Pete and she was surprised! Yes, she is expecting, congratulations!

The great spread of Indian food.

Mingling at the party.

Getting our photo-ops with the Birthday girl.

Singing "Michelle" to Michelle.

James regaling us with stories.

On Sunday Polly, Ann and I went to the Twins game.

The exterior of the Metrodome, home of the 1987 and 1991 World Champs.
The cheap World Champion banners the Twins use. I hope they upgrade the banners in the new stadium. Yes, these are plastic.

Impressive.Robinson, and retired Twins jersey numbers: Killer, Carew, Tony O, Hrbek and Puckett.
Great shot of seat #34 in center field. If you have to ask......look it up.

Standing by the Puckett seat.

Hell yes...Carew.

Ann and Polly in their seats.
Ann and Polly at the game.

Joe Mauer warming up the cannon.

Batting champ.....

Will we retire #7? Big Ann at the game.

Crowd shot at the game.

No comment. However, Royals fans will recall the signs that fans put up at Kaufmann for Bert.

Great shot from our seats. I sat at the end of this row for Game 6 in 1987.

The Metrodome.

Mauer coming in to score.

Sweet old-school Gagne jersey. She got booted out of our section for not having the correct ticket.

Mauer v. Oakland pitching...

Generate a bit of bat speed and.....
Ding Dong the Wicked Witch of the West is DEAD. I managed to catch his HR off the bat.

Cuddyer with the sweet old-school leg kick. #5 is growing on me.

Ever run into a long lost friend? While getting a coke I ran into Ryan Wateland! For those of you who know him, locate him in the crowd shot below.

Cathedral shot. Canadian flag front and center.A great shot of a mediocre stadium. However, a stadium full of good memories.The end of the line. Twins getting ready for the 9th inning.

Turining on the gassssssssss.
Nathan the termiatior.

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