Monday, September 21, 2009

Lincoln Gardens

This weekend we drove over to Lincoln Memorial Gardens and took a walk around the lake. The gardens are located on the SE side of Springfield and they are great. We walked around them a few years ago when we went to a lame festival along the lake.

Here is a shot of the art deco style bridge across Lake Springfield.

Checking out the lake.

Walking along the paths. They are very well done, wide with mulch to keep the path clear.

Up in a tree along the lake.

No tree climbing for the Monkey, note the flip flops.

Old school wrist snap here.

All of a sudden I was assaulted by acorns. I turned around to see this!

Mushrooms growing on a tree.

The deer were really out in full force. We saw many and this young one was very close and did not seem to care that we were out walking.

We also attended the Edwards Place art fair.

It was fun, here is a shot of Edwards house and some of the tents.

Grendel and Isabelle in the west widow catching some sun before it all went away with the rain.

Our dogwood is starting to change for fall!

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