Sunday, August 30, 2009

BCBS End of the Summer Party

Saturday night we went to the Blue Cross Blue Shield "End of the Summer Party" in Springfield. They had a Rod Stewart (or Rod Stuart) impersonator and an Elvis. They were both great! Here is a shot of Mod Rod in action.More Rod on stage. Check out that blue suit and those kicks.

He made the rounds including our table. We had a great spot by the pool and just far enough that Rod and Elvis were not in our face all night. They each played 3 sets!

Christy basking in the glow after he sang a little "Maggie" at our table.


Elvis rocked the house. Take note of the dirty white shoes, the Springfield Elvis I guess.

Here he comes to work our table singing "Viva Las Vegas".

He went straight for Cruddy and she loved it.

Working our table. It looks like Cruddy was going for the Devil Horns (not appropriate for Elvis) and switched to the standard #1 hand signal, good choice.

Alas, it was the fat drunk Elvis, but it was still Elvis!

Tight white jumpsuit on its way to the main stage.

Rod making a swing by our table for his last set cranking out some "Hot Legs".

Elvis making a pass by his favorite table.

They were both very good and it was a great idea for a party. A fun night.

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