Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Quad-Cities

Last weekend Christy and I met Beth and Polly in the Quad-Cities or as some say, the 4-cities. We took a walk along the Mississippi River in the morning. Here I am rocking the Royals T-shirt.A large old bridge along the Mississippi. The 4-cities span the Mississippi so you are constantly on a bridge, it gives the city a neat look and great walking paths. Many tugboats move up and down the river and at night their searchlights are cool.Christy asked me to take this great shot. We stayed at the Casino and it was "old school". Think Swingers (the movie) here. I ran over to the Casino and checked it out. Beth shopping for the goods at one of the many Antique malls we hit.We had a few Cocktails on Friday night. Here is a shot of Polly in the bar. It was a sports bar and they had a baseball game on but the good company distracted me.Christy and Beth with Budweiser Select. I blew this one out a bit with the new camera on the cell phone.We ran out to Galena Illinois and it turned out to be a great town. Here is a shot of the downtown area as storm #2 rolls in. We were hit by a rather large storm on our way in but it turned out ok. Christy and I would like to return to Galena in the fall.
It looked like they had some great restaurants but we decided not to eat on Saturday.

I caught these bottles of hot sauce in a shop. I am not sure how "hot" Twins hot sauce would be but the bottles were cool. Next to the Twins were the Brewers....I know they can't cut it in the AL so they moved to the NL, a good old joke.
Christy, Beth and Polly on the street in Galena.

Rock'in the Crazy for Swayze T-shirt!

At a micro-brewery for lunch with Beth. Rock'in the Memphis Redbirds t-shirt in Cubs country. Cubs fans are so ignorant of baseball that I am sure it got right past them. Speaking of Cubs fans did you see that class act last night (August 12)? Visiting Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino making a play at the ivy in center field and a cubs fan (in all the gear) dumped a full beer on him. What a disgrace to the game. Check out the link to the act. Also, a Phillies player? He is lucky he escaped with his life with Philies fans in the crowd. I also recall the time I rolled into the Billy Goat in Chicago in full Cardinals gear and they served me. So much for tradition with the Cubs.

As expected The Irish found a Hibernian Hall. What is that you ask? Check out the hotlink or the next photo.

I did not find a Sons of Norway hall but I expect that there was one.


Anonymous said...

ok. just a few comments from me. :o)

1st. Polly...what the heck is that blue can in front of you? Did they not serve the GREEN?

2nd. The shot of the three girls walking almost in sinc....Love it!

3rd. How were the antiques?

4th. I think Matt would like a Swayze shirt. For sure. :o)


Anonymous said...

I have been to Galena - many, many moons ago. I will never forget it because it was so beautiful and made a big impression. I think we were only there for a day. Anyway, very cool....


Harry said...

I hope you get to eat lunch in Galena next time. It looks like a great town to visit.