Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our home then and now

This week Christy's friend Matt found some super cool photos of our house on the Sangamon County web page. Every so often the assessors office takes photos of homes for tax purposes. The county has scanned some of them into their data base. I have posted two photos of our home today. The first one was taken in 1967, the second in 1973.

Our home was built in 1918 in the Williams neighborhood of Springfield. The person that built it was a surgeon named Marshall Yetter the second owner was John Hunter the Director of Public Works for the city and has a lake named after him, Hunter Lake south of Springfield. The home was then owned by two public librarians in a row, both named Kinkead, a mother and then the daughter. We bought the home in August of 2005.

The 1967 photo:

The Photo from 1973:

Here is a shot of our home in 2008:


Anonymous said...

so, the front porch was it removed or did they enclose it? I love looking back at pictures like this. What a cool thing that they had the history on yours.


Eric and Christy said...

They enclosed it. We really wish it still had it but REALLY like the extra 10' in our living room.
the people we bought it from did a history on the house and we just added to it.