Monday, July 13, 2009

Kansas, Elvis, and Trains.

Elvis night and the girls went crazy!

Friday night was "Elvis night" at the T-Bones we went to the game in style.Pre-game activities at the Morgans.Elvis on the way to the game.

At the gate.

We met our friend Matt Waldschlagel at the game. He was a bit confused or shocked by the Elvii.

Dirk got into the act at the 7th inning stretch.

The T-Bones game at Community America Park. A new ballpark for a great team in the Northern League. The T-Bones played the Fargo Moorhead Redhawks.

Bad photo, good argument. The long-time manager of the Redhawks Doug Simunic got tossed for this discussion.

The T-Bones killed the Redhawks 16-7 despite a great 7th inning rally by the Hawks.

It was hot and humid but a great night at the ballpark.

RedHawk Elvis at the park. Note my jersey. It is a Bittiger jersey that Pam bought me at a RedHawk parking lot sale a few years ago. Bittinger was in the BIG SHOW and played for the 1987 Twins.

Elvis in the crowd. We had great seats, 3rd base side of home 12 rows up.

Saturday Harry and I ran down to Baldwin City and caught a ride on the Midland Historic Railroad. Of course we jumped on the Great Northern caboose for our seat on the train.

A great shot of their Rock Island E units.

A shot of the engineer in the cab of the RS-3 #142.

We rode between the Caboose and the locomotive on part of the trip.

Former KATY RS-3.

Hooking up after the run-around.

Harry on the train.

Harry's friend the conductor.

Across the trestle bridge.

Typical Kansas railroad shot from the back of the caboose.

Another shot of those beautiful Rock Island E units.

He looks like he is going to turn that brake wheel!

The station in Baldwin City Kansas.

A tall Kansas grain elevator in Baldwin City.


Anonymous said...

Great post!! Though I must say that you and Harry look nothing like Elvis. But, I do appreciate the effort for sure!!! Looked like fun!

Your loyal blog follower,
Fargo, ND (Go Hawks!)

Anonymous said...

Didn't you have a Do like that in about 89? It seems to bring back some memories.