Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cindy's Photos from Paris

Cindy uploaded her photos from the Paris trip and they are excellent.
I might as well start with my favorite. Christy looking for trouble outside the hotel window.
Monkey see monkey do.....Cindy looking for trouble. The street outside the Hotel. A great way to get a feel for what Paris is like is to hit the streets.

The Hotel, close to Matt's and a nice place.

Christy and I walking to the Louvre. I had to lighten this photo and I am afraid I blew it out.

Evening at the Louvre.

Having a wonderful supper at Matt's pad.

Prepping for the next day. As a few of you know I set a wicked pace when abroad. This was also the first time Matt and Cindy saw me in reading glasses.

A great shot of Paris from the top of the Arc de Triumph.

Another great shot of Paris from the Arc. No matter the weather Paris is beautiful.

At a great cafe outside the Orsay. This is a shot before we got kicked out of the window seats for those eating and moved into the interior seats for those just drinking.

Christy's salad at the Orsay. The cafe in the Orsay is not one to be avoided, it was great.

Typical street cafe in Paris.

A great shot of Christy in the Metro at the end of a day in Paris. Almost sleeping.

Back at the hotel with 2.5 Euro wine!

A great shot of Christy and I on the street in Paris.

On my way to buy some postcards.

A great street shot.

On tour with Bob Steves.

A shot of the view from Matt's apartment, not bad.

Wow, spectacular.

Check out that food selection in Paris!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!! Though I can't see why you have to keep rubbing this Paris trip in our faces by continually posting these unbelievable pix!! Ha! I keep thinking I'm on facebook looking for the place to leave a comment after each photo - crumbs!!!

xoxo - Michelle