Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweden and back to Denmark.

Upon our arrival in Sweden we met our guide and had a city tour of Malmo. It was Sunday and things were a bit slow in town, but we had most of it to ourselves for the morning.

A bridge over the canal and the rail station in the background.

A classic non-violence sculpture in Sweden.

The Lutheran Cathedral in Lund, Sweden.

Elvis in Lund.

The Department of Philosophy and the University of Lund. Nice digs, it is a 13th century Church.The front door to the Philosophy Department.Lunch in Sweden. We were on our own and found some great food at a local deli/grocery store.View of the castle and the stairs we would climb to get a great view of the sound between Sweden and Denmark.The view from the top.Kronborg Castle, better known as Hamlet's Castle.

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