Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leaving Copenhagen and on to Norway.

From the night before....sorry. We visited Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Here is a shot of the Chinese Gardens. An across the lake shot of Tivoli Gardens.

A carved Viking head at Tivoli.
City view of Copenhagen from the top of a 14th century Church.

On our last day in Copenhagen we took a guided Kierkegaard tour. Our fantastic guide was a historian (in the red jacket) that specializes in Kierkegaard, it was very well done!

We started with a stop by the Church that Grundtvig held his post and SK visited him here. The courtyard has a great statue of Gruntvik and a neat bust of him looking out on the courtyard from his former office (next photo).Grundtvig looking out on the courtyard.The baptismal font that Kierkegaard was baptized in.
A pair of Kierkegaard's glasses from an optometry shop that dates from his time and is still in business.One of his many apartments. Lower center window was his. We visited all of his former apartments, but this one is special. He lived here when he wrote The Concept of Anxiety, the subject of my dissertation.And #3 at the University of Copenhagen. It was in this room that he defended his Dissertation (or thesis, the European model is a bit different) The Concept of Irony.We moved by Cruise ship from Copenhagen to Oslo, it was very windy.
Danish wind farms on the open sea.Leaving Denmark.Sunset about 11pm. It did not get much darker that night.
Small interior cabins, but you are not on this trip to spend time in the cabin!

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