Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Cards team

I thought I would give a quick Historical Fantasy Baseball update before I head for Norway. Expect the blog to be jammed with great photos when I return.

I am starting a new franchise team this week, all Cardinals.

I think I will have a great shot as I have some powerful hitting and great fielding with adequate pitching.

We were able to supplement our draft with one Negro League player.

I will introduce this team by batting order this time.

Leading off and playing SS:

Ozzie Smith.

Hitting second and playing Second Base:

Rogers Hornsby

Hitting in the 3 hole and playing first base:

Stan Musial

Hitting Clean-up and the DH:

Johnny Mize

Protecting Mize in the five slot and playing RF:

Roger Maris
Hitting sixth and playing left field:

Enos "Country" Slaughter.

Batting 7th and out at third base:

Judy Johnson

Hitting in the eight hole and in CF:

Curt Flood

I am going to have to settle for a RH/LH platoon at catcher.

Talk about "murders row":

Hornsby,Musial, Mize, Maris and Slaughter.

What is an opposing pitcher to do?

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