Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Philosopher as a job.

Ever wonder if it's all worth it? Getting admitted to graduate school (two for me). Graduate school itself with all the sweat...the tears... the dissertation, student loans. The howling into the void of the job market that spits back a mountain of rejection... 4 on-campus interviews and 2 offers to show for over one hundred applications sent out.
The Tenure track..."publish or perish" ...the time lost to committee meetings...college politics....

Well, according to the wall street journal (and a survey by careercast.com) becoming a Philosopher is the 12th best job out there. 12th best! Though, I'm not entirely sure how comforting it is when Parole Officer comes in at 14, but 12/200 isn't bad.

Most of the above was stolen from another blog that I enjoy called the Philosophy Smoker.

Below are a few shots of me working.
Here I am with The Preacher and Christy at a board of trustees function.At Vespers with The Preacher.My department at MacMurray College, RJ. Stewart and Richard Palmer.KU graduation with Yancy and Tom Tuozzo. Before I knew to wear my hat off to the side like Luther. Check out photo #1 and #3.

A department meeting held on the Bitterroot River in Montana summer of 2007.

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