Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We spent the weekend in Lawrence, KS with the Morgans. When we arrived it was 4 above and they had snow.

Here is a shot of Christy and Harry walking over to see Carole at work.

Here I am on Mass street downtown Lawrence.

We had to check out the William Burroughs home, it is still in great shape. Can you imagine him sitting on the front porch with a shotgun?Christy checking out the back yard and looking for something to throw at Harry and me below.
She took a good photo instead. Notice the Gnome Creek railroad in the background.
Christmas at the Morgans!

Harry in his festive hat.

Harry wrestling with his MacMurray sweatshirt.....the sweatshirt won. Carole inspecting her new crazy blue cow.
Sock monkeys riding the crazy blue cow.

Cruddy wrestling with her new scarf thing....

This one was a tie.

Introducing the "missing link sock monkey"! Very cool.

On Saturday Harry and I checked out a great fly shop in Lawrence, Yager's.

They are home to the KU fly fishing club and they have a great logo.

We also ran by Hoglund Ballpark and Bobby Allison field at KU.

Bob Allison was a Jayhawk!

Here is a shot of him in his Twins uniform.

At the University of Kansas Allison was a standout fullback, track star, and baseball player.
In 1958, Bob signed with the Washington Senators, and in 1959, his first full year with the team, he was named American League Rookie of the Year.

At 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, he was known as the most feared, physical base runner in the American League.
In 13 seasons with the Washington Senators and the Minnesota Twins, Bob slugged 256 home runs, made three All-Star appearances, and was voted the greatest left fielder in the first 40 years of the Twins.

Below, a great shot of the campus at the University of Kansas.
And a closer shot of the Campanile.On Sunday we ran in to Kansas City. Here is a shot of downtown from Liberty Memorial. Union Station is in the foreground.The Western Auto building in KC.While at the Liberty Memorial we visited the WWI museum. It was great. Here is a shot of a 1917 Harley Davidson produced for the war effort.A very early American tank for WWI.Outside at the Liberty Memorial.

And finally, a shot of our old pad in Lawrence. Still looks good.


yancy said...

Looks good!

Boy do I miss that town!

Run into any philosophy folks while you were there?

yancy said...

Looks good!

Boy do I miss that town!

(Did this comment already go through? Huh.)

See anyone from the department? How're they doing up there without us?

Eric and Christy said...

No, we were up on the hill on Saturday. Ya, I miss Lawrence and KU also but I don't miss graduate school, glad I am on "the other side".