Friday, January 2, 2009

A great start to 2009

2008 ended with some great new albums that we used to usher in the New Year with style.

Sammy Hagar released Cosmic Universal Fashion

That's right, THE RED ROCKER has a new album out. I love this shot below of Sammy and his 1967 Mustang Fastback. Do you think he drives 55 in that? Go get 'em Sammy!

The album contains all new material for Hagar. He covers several songs like The Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right To Party and Dreams from his days with Van Halen. Several guests appear on the album like Michael Anthony Hall from (or formerly from, I can't keep up) Van Halen, Billy Duffy from The Cult, Matt Sorum from Guns N' Roses and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. A very impressive guest list indeed.

Track Listing
"Cosmic Universal Fashion" (3:33)
"Psycho Vertigo" (5:03)
"Peephole" (4:20)
"Loud" (3:55)
"Fight for Your Right to Party" (3:48)
"Switch On the Light" (3:17)
"When the Sun Don't Shine" (4:15)
"24365" (3:58)
"I'm on a Roll" (2:40)
"Dreams/Cabo" (8:50)

Sammy started playing with Montrose in 1973. He then went out on his own between 1976 and 1984. In late 1984 we were introduced to the Van Hagar era and then after a split with the boys back to a very successful solo career.

And Guns N' Roses released Chinese Democracy.

This is the first studio album for Guns since 1993

The album is excellent and I especially enjoy track #6 titled "There Was a Time" as it is vintage Guns. The title track "Chinese Democracy" is well done but a different sound for G-n-R.

The G-n-R lineup has been a complete mess since 1993 and I am not going to try and document it here. The only stable factor has been Axl Rose as the front man and lead vocals. FYI, "Axl" is a Norwegian name but not his given name.

The album has been banned in China, so there is another reason to buy it!

Enjoy these albums from two of the greatest front men in Rock-n-Roll, Axl and Sammy.

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