Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fantasy World Series Victory!

As a few of you know I play Historical Fantasy Baseball through a company called Imagine Sports. They run a great game and I won a World Series in a odd but fun custom league.

The "Letter High League". We all drafted (snake draft) a letter (or letters) for our hitters and for our pitching staff.

With a nod to home my team was called the Breckenridge Wahpeton Twins.

Hitters last names all started with B.
Arms all started with W.

Here is the Team.

Johnny Bench

and Yogi Berra

1B Jeff Bagwell

2B Biggio

3B Brett and Boggs as a platoon. Brett's splits verses lefties are atrocious.
Note the on deck circle in this photo of Boggs.

Lou Bourdeau at SS

LF Lou Brock

CF "Cool Papa" Bell
RF Former Minnesota Twin tragically killed as a young player Lyman Bostock
DH Albert "Joey" Belle

1. "Boomer"-David Wells.

Fitting photo as Boomer won game 7 for me going the distance giving up 3 hits and 1 walk.
2. Wilbur Wood

3. Smokey Joe Williams

4. Big Ed Walsh

5. Spot Starter Rube Waddell
The Pen:

"Wild Thing" Mitch Williams

Hoyt Wilhelm

John Wetteland

The Bench:

Mike Benjamin, an exceptional defender.

Mr Cub, Ernie banks.

And Don Baylor.

In the regular season the team went 92-70.

Played in The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

Belle led with 45 HRs, Brett hit .360, Cool Papa and Brock both stole 41 bases.

Boomer and Big Ed each won 17 games and Walsh struck out 156 batters

Bench threw out 68% of all runners trying to steal.

On a final note please don't overlook the fact that I could have drafted Bonds but played and won without him.

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Eric and Christy said...

FYI the bench is larger with a few long relievers and misc players.

And NOT my first World Series victory.