Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in the Cities

This year we had Christmas proper in the Cities. Below is a shot of Buffy's tree.Below is a shot of Moose, Grandma Ann, and Polly sitting in the front room on Christmas Eve.

The tree and the beginnings of an enormous spread of appetizers.

Eric and Ann drinking hot buttered rums. Thanks for the recipe Morgans!

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I went to Mindekirken for worship. Below is a shot of the home flag flying at the church just in case anyone forgot who the home team is!

While I was at seminary I did my contextual education at Mindekirken so it is my home Church when in the Cities. The interior is very traditionally Scandinavian and the main stained glass windows bear the images of Luther and Hauge and St. Olav above them, very well done. Here is a link to a nice article on Mindekirken.

And a great shot of the Norwegian Church on Christmas Eve. It cuts an imposing figure! All services were in Norwegian only.

Cruddy playing with Grandma's "cat". Yes, the cat is fat....27 pounds. Her name is Sophie.

Friday night we went to see the Gear Daddies play at the Fineline.

The show was 50/50. Their own material was well done but Zeller was drunk and lazy and the middle of the show sucked.

Below is the obligatory bad cell phone photo of the show:

Buffy's house on Christmas Day.

Below is a shot of Grandma scratching off some of her lottery tickets. No winners.

Below is Christy making Christmas dinner. We had turkey, company corn, potatoes, gravy (thanks James) and assorted appetizers and cookies.

We met Matt and Maverick at Mary's new pad to see the rest of the family and have another Christmas. Here is a shot of Maverick wearing his "crazy teeth".

Maverick and Mary on the couch before the presents.

Below is a shot of our nephew Chris. Chris is going into the United States Marine Corps in August. We are very proud of him, he will make an excellent Marine, job well done Chris and Mary! Go get 'em Chris!

Merry Christmas to all. I took a short tour of historical baseball cites in the Cities and will post that later this week.

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