Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last weekend (starting on Reformation Day) we traveled to Pennsylvania for the wedding of Khara Koffel and Marc Benner. They held the event at Bear Creek Ski Resort.

On the way we saw a number of these really cool hex designs on barns in the countryside.

Some were old...Some were new.The first day we took an hour long hike around the ski resort with Nadine.The next day we did the whole loop around the ski mountain, about 3 hours. On the way we discovered this really cool old building. It looked like it was used for logging back in the day.Cruddy at a window.Me standing by the main entrance. It could have fit narrow gauge rails!At the top of the ski slope, an elevation change of about 1000 feet from the start.We met Mary Anthony, Nadine and Joe on the way down. Note the stylish appearance of these three!Christy in a rock formation.Me by a stream, too shallow for trout...but hold on.....Christy sitting on a big rock eating cheese and crackers and reading while I.....Fly fish in their stocked pond!

The only flies I took with were the big ones for Bass I had from Michigan and the bluegills in the pond were too small to take them, but they did hit them. The wolf attacking Little Red Riding Hood after the wedding.

Signed wooden shoes from the Mac Faculty.

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that looks like some wedding!