Thursday, November 20, 2008

Concordia Seminary Springfield?

The other day I learned that Springfield had a Lutheran Seminary in the recent past, so I went on the hunt for information. As it turns out it was a Missouri Synod seminary that had a large campus on the north-central side of town . I took a trip over to the location last Tuesday and took some photos.

I located an old postcard on the Internet. Below is a photo of the same building today.

And here is a close up of the old entrance.

Even closer, you can read "Concordia _______ 1890" I assume the word "Theological" was removed, I am curious why.

Below is an old dormitory or faculty offices and classrooms. The buildings are in great shape.

Above is another building that looked like a dormitory.

The other side of the above building.
In the photo below, I located some detail work from the above building. I would think that the center of these contained Luther's Rose and they have been removed.Below is a modern building from the seminary, was it a bookstore or an administration building? I bet both, we all know who gets the new building!

Some of my loyal readers will be thrilled that all Christian symbols were removed from the campus.
However, they missed a few. The above detail work surrounds the entire new building.

The old chapel.

Some history of the seminary:
1875 -- Concordia Theological Seminary moves from St. Louis to Springfield under the leadership of Rev. Craemer. They utilize the former Illinois State University building which is soon nicknamed "die Kaffeemuehle" because of its similarity to a coffee mill.
1891 -- Luther Hall is dedicated at Concordia Theological Seminary.
1895 -- Trinity establishes a branch elementary school on the Seminary Grounds.
1951 -- Luther Statue on Seminary grounds is dedicated.
1976 -- Despite valiant efforts by local lay leaders, pastors and even city officials, Concordia Seminary leaves Springfield for Fort Wayne, Indiana. It had a 99 year length of stay here. The buildings and grounds are presently used by the State of Illinois Department of Corrections for training of employees.

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