Sunday, December 13, 2009

Masters Update

Well, time for a Historical Fantasy Baseball League Masters Tournament update.
Each time a manager wins a round (Division, League or WS) of the tournament another manager is eliminated. That also means that each round is harder. I killed in the first round, won the AL in the second and I am in last place in the third round.

The third round consists of an "open franchise" draft. That means that each manager selects a franchise and any player that had at least one at bat or one inning pitched is eligible. I drafted toward the end due to my stellar record in the first two rounds and took the Angles. Twins fans will recall the many superstars from the Twins migrated to the Halos later in their career. This team kind of sucks. Here are some stars and stats:

Rod Carew hitting .267

Lyman Bostock hitting .259

Dave Winfield hitting .238 (now that sucks)

Bert is the Ace at 7-4 with a 3.11 ERA
The rest of the team kind of stinks.  I will give a final update but I thinnk I am done at the third round.  It is good to be this far as I am in with the top 200 in this game (out of a few thousand),

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