Monday, November 9, 2009

Concordia Seminary St. Louis LCMS

On Saturday after the huge book sale I took a walk around Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.
Above, you will see their fantastic Luther statue.
They have incredible grounds. Very German with much attention to detail. Check out this crest above the dining hall. Most would put 1517 to commemorate the 95 theses. I like that they used 1530 as a date, the year that Luther really started to put out high end reformation theology. Well done.

The Luther tower. Looks like the lightning strike of 1505, no?

A beautiful fall day to wander the grounds.

Amazing archways and superb courtyards.

Incredible attention to detail. As most of you know this seminary is of German extraction from Europe and Luther in St. Paul is of Scandinavian, particularly Norwegian. Now I would put our (Luther's) grounds up against any but there is a theological lesson to be learned here. When these seminaries were established this was the German pietist seminary. St. Paul was the home of Norwegian immigrants, especially Haugian Lutherans. Haugians reject pietism and lean toward confessionalism. Haugians eliminated all ornamentation in music, theology, art and architecture. Thus, the difference between the two.

Double archway.

Excellent doors all the way around.

Inside the chapel. Note the ship-like interior and it is hard to see but the trademark open cross off-set from center on the arch and stained glass windows.

As I said, what a great fall day. And I met Khara and Marc for a stroll around the grounds.

The Luther Tower.

Great building names like Wartburg and Wittenberg.


Anonymous said...

great pictures! did you get a new camera?


Eric and Christy said...

Thanks Rhonda!
No new camera but I started to listen to a friend that happens to teach digital photography at MacMuray. I guess I can learn something. Hope to see you guys soon!