Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Flood

Our prayers are with everyone back in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Here is the latest from the Fargo Forum:

FARGO – The city remains on high alert as it battles historic Red River levels, as crews and officials slip into “watch and respond” mode with quick response teams and developing strategies for the worst case scenario.
With 48 miles of levees bracing the city against the Red, leaders from the city, county and state want residents to take the ongo-ing threat seriously.
To address the heightened threat:
- City leaders asked non-essential businesses to remain closed
- Residents are asked to restrict all unnecessary travel
- Gov. John Hoeven waived the state’s “blue laws,” which restrict business hours on Sundays. The move allows stores selling flood-fighting supplies to remain open throughout the night.

Here are some interesting photos:

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