Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new team

It is a little slow on the baseball front until we really get going with spring training so I started a new historical baseball team.

"Name your own theme league". Open to veteran managers only to keep the competition tight. I took an "all defense" team with the best at every position including pitchers.

Here we go. The team is called "Flash the Leather".

Defensive statistics are "normalized" for the history of the game and position using a standardized formula. 100 is considered average and rage factors are broken down into 5 categories: Excellent,Good, Average, Fair and Poor. The best fielders have excellent range and their number is well below 100.

Below are the best at each position in the history of the game. Any surprises?

I will give some Minnesota Twins stats for comparison.

1B Mark Grace EX/62. Even if he was a Cub I respect the guy for making it to the Top. Hrbek's numbers are very respectable at VG/74

2B Mike Benjamin EX/25. I don't know much about this guy and I really don't remember him playing. Time to learn more. Knoblauch AV/94.

SS Ozzie Smith EX/57. The wizard, need I say more? Gagne VG/93.

3B Brooks Robinson EX/55. The greatest defensive player in the history of the game. As his number is unbelievable when compared to other Hall of Famers. Mike Pagliarulo AV/91.

C Gary Carter EX/56. Stud with a cannon arm. Butch Wynegar FR/74.

LF Jimmy Sheckard EX/77. I don't know much about this guy either, he played from 1897-1913. Shane Mack VG/83.

CF Jimmy Piersall EX/48. Tragic story but a stud in the field. Check out the movie of his life Fear Strikes Out. Kirby Puckett AV/50. I know, AVERAGE!!!! He did not have great range with those stubby legs but look at the number!

RF Al Kaline EX/63. This guy could hit too. Time to give him more respect. Chilli Davis AV/193. Not good.

Big Ed Walsh EX/53. Tapani AV/40

Tom Glavine EX/35.

Christy Mathewson EX/50

Spud Chandler EX/48

Kirk Rueter EX/25. Looks like Woody could throw and catch.

Closer, Eck EX/56. Reardon FR/125

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