Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The whole weekend began at the Springfield Amtrak Depot.

On Saturday we ran out to a gigantic antique mall. Here are the girls in front, ready to start.

And here I am with Jake.

On Saturday night we went to see an excellent Irish band called Sons and Daughters at the Double Door in the Wicker Park neighborhood. They were great, especially when a very drunk lead singer blurted/slurred out (between f-bombs) "Hello St.Louis"!

On Sunday we got up and went to the Wolf Flea Market. Here is a shot of the girls looking around

Here is a shot of Polly making a deal.

We stopped at an excellent restaurant for an outdoor lunch. Pizza in an Italian neighborhood!

After lunch we went to Oak Park and toured the Frank Lloyd Wright studio and homes in the area. Above and below are some detail shots of the studio.

We took a walking audio tour of the neighborhood.

The Nathan G. Moore House (1895/1923) 333 Forest Ave.

The Edward R. Hills-DeCaro House (1896/1906) 313 Forest Ave

The Laura Gale House (1906) 6 Elizabeth Court

Arthur B. Heurtley House (1902) 318 Forest Ave.

Frank Thomas House (1901) 210 Forest Ave.

We had a great time, thanks for setting it up Polly!

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Dirk Lloyd Ewy said...

My father and I lived on Park Ave. and Lake St. (River Forest), just about a mile or two from Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park neighborhood. My dad was an architect, so I went through the tours a million times. Okay, maybe 3. The design of the home that I grew up in, across the lake in Long Beach, Indiana, was rumored to have been based on a sketch by Frank Lloyd Wright's son, Frank Jr. I think that was something that maybe my father just wanted to believe, but we'll just go with it. My middle name is Lloyd, after my mother's father, but privately my dad said it was after the brilliant architect. I like to think it's a little of both. Thanks for sharing the pictures, brought back lots of memories.